Candidate Positions for Clark County, Washington

We asked each candidate if they agreed with the following statements. The results are shown here. If they agreed with the statement as written, the affirmative answer is shown and visa versa. Some candidates have not responded yet to some or all of the statements. We are working on filling in those blanks.


“I am opposed to using debt amounting to hundreds of millions or billions of dollars for interstate bridge construction. We should live within our means and avoid debt.”

(Agree = No Debt. Otherwise = Add Debt)
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“I am opposed to constructing a Light Rail bridge from Portland to Vancouver.”

(Agree = No Light Rail. Otherwise = Add Light Rail)
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“I am opposed to all I-5 and I-205 bridge tolls. We should preserve our freedom to cross these bridges toll free.”

(Agree = No Tolls. Otherwise = Charge Tolls)
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“I am opposed raising taxes even higher than they already are. Raising taxes makes it harder for businesses to employ people. I will not raise taxes. Instead, I will balance the budget by cutting spending if necessary.”

(Agree = No Raising Taxes. Otherwise = May Raise Taxes)
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“I am firmly opposed to charging tolls on the 205 Bridge. I will oppose any Columbia River Crossing plan that does not guarantee that the 205 Bridge will remain toll free.”

(Agree = No Tolls on 205. Otherwise = Allow Tolls on 205)
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“I oppose bridge tolls unless the people in our community have had a chance to vote in a local election to approve tolls first.”

(Agree = Supports Election. Otherwise = Opposes Election)
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7. 3rd BRIDGE

“Rather than tearing down the existing I-5 Columbia River Bridge, I would support a toll free third bridge designed to support interstate commerce.”

(Agree = Supports 3rd Bridge. Otherwise = Opposes 3rd Bridge)
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