Compare to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Our representatives would have us believe that we should treat the I-5 Columbia River Bridge just like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. They say that since they tolled that one, then it is appropriate to toll this one. The flawed reasoning of this argument becomes clear when we compare these two bridges.

SR-16 and Tacoma Narrows Bridge I-5 and Columbia River Bridge
State highway owned by Washington State, not a federal highway Federal highway owned by the United States, not owned by any state
A regional bridge into a peninsula within the state, not part of the national grid A federal transcontinental interstate highway, a major component of the nationwide grid, the only United States highway connecting Canada to Mexico.
27 mile route entirely within the state 1381 miles across three states
Designed to carry local / regional traffic Designed to carry national traffic from one state to another
Funding available from one source: Washington State Funding available from three sources: Federal government, Washington State and Oregon State
The only toll bridge within Washington state There are no toll bridges anywhere along the I-5. None in California, Oregon, or Washington.
No Light Rail Light Rail is not found anywhere along the I-5 and is foreign to the federal interstate system. It would be a local system. Light Rail has already cost Portland over $5 billion and carries a tiny fraction of Portland area travelers. Light Rail adds $1 billion ($945.75 Million) to the cost.
Added alongside an existing 1950 span that was configured to carry traffic in the other direction The proposed plan includes dismantling our historic bridge spans built in 1917 and 1958 that is well maintained, already upgraded, in good working order, debt free and still fit for decades of service. It appears that the idea of keeping the existing spans and building a simpler third bridge one mile west has not been considered. The cost would be a small fraction and connect our industrial sectors.
The question of $3.00 tolls was put to the local voters in a 1998 election. The tolls are now $4.00. The state wants $5.00. Trucks already pay up to $12. Transponder accounts must be prepaid with a minimum of $30 plus the cost of the transponder. $52 fine imposed if not promptly paid. The project is proceeding without a vote to add tolls and to include light rail into downtown Vancouver.

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