Construction Costs Compared to I-205

The I-205 Glenn Jackson Bridge opened in December 1982 for a total cost of $169.4 million with 8 through traffic lanes and a 10,580 foot span. Government stats say $169.6 million in 1982 dollars would be $366 million in today’s dollars (factor = 2.16).

The proposed CRC 10 lane bridge which is 40% shorter is estimated to cost $3.6 billion plus finance charges totaling $10 billion. $3.6 billion could build 10 I-205 bridges in today’s dollars (3600 / 366 = 10) even though the I-205 is 40% longer.  $10 billion could build 27 new 205 bridges in todays dollars.  Something is very wrong with this CRC project.

The excessive cost is used as an excuse to convert the I-5 and I-205 into toll bridges and plunge our two states into unprecedented debt. The proposed bridge is so impractical that it appears to be a boondoggle of monumental proportions.  Over $100 million has been wasted in “studies” to enrich toll proponents who then contribute to elect their representatives.  Our hard earned tax dollars are being squandered until we act to stop the mounting loss.

We cannot allow transportation policies to be motivated by the pursuit of revenue. We must live within our means and find practical solutions that improve our lives. This stands in stark contrast to the agenda of many of our elected representatives and their appointees. If they push self-serving, wasteful and hurtful projects, we must take action to replace them with servants who are motivated by a willingness to bless and not curse our communities. Will you help? Please help by joining with us to win this struggle.

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