Double Taxation

Fuel taxes are user fees because they are paid only by those who purchase the product. When fuel taxes are charged to build and maintain roads and then tolls are added for the same roads, the users are double taxed.

The 1956 Federal-Aid Highway Act established the Highway Trust Fund and stipulated that 100 percent of the gas tax be deposited into this fund. That law said that federal funds are to pay for 90 percent of interstate highway construction costs with the states required to pay the remaining 10 percent. That 10% gets split between Washington and Oregon.

Our federal government is still collecting those funds amounting to $5 billion in gas tax for each penny per gallon every three years. The federal government imposes a gasoline tax of 18.4 cents per gallon. This amounts to $92 billion over three years just in federal gas taxes. This does not include the 24.4 cents per gallon of diesel fuel tax. In addition, our states collect their own gas and diesel taxes. We pay 43.4 cents/gallon gas tax and 48.7 cents/gallon diesel tax in Oregon and 54.4 cents/gallon gas tax and 60.4 cents/gallon diesel tax in Washington. Yet, they tell us there is no money for roads and they must impose tolls.

When we allow our legislators to raid these user fees to be misappropriated and drained, we submit to highway robbery.

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