Rushing Toward Disaster

A news release on April 13, 2010 by Washington Governor Gregoire and Oregon Governor Kulongoski states “In 2008, local and regional governments decided to replace the I-5 bridge over the Columbia River and extend the regional light rail system into Washington.” The official press release is posted on their website.

It is becoming clear that if our elected leaders and their appointees could get away with it, they will convert the I-5, I-205,  SR-500, SR-14, and I-84 into permanent toll  roads. They have ignored our strong opposition to tolling the 205 bridge. We must voice our opposition loud and clear before it is too late. The implementation panel is rushing to confirm the debt finance and construction plans within months. We must spread the word, vote and work together to defend our community from billions in crushing debt and tolls that threaten to push our cost of living beyond our ability to bear.

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