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You are encouraged to think for yourself and consider the information on this site so that you are informed and can refute the fallacious arguments of a Bait-and-Switch project. Active informed citizens can correct wasteful policies and participate to ensure good government that is made up of good people with sensible judgment. Will you be such a citizen?  Please don’t delay. Take the few minutes to mark and mail in your ballot before it is too late.

Help us Wave Signs and Banners.

Want to help wave signs or banners?  Want yard signs?  Please call Josephine at 360-241-8789

Spread the Word.

Please spread the word and help us oppose I-5 and 205 debt and tolls. Email your friends and post a link to this site on your Facebook page.  The week of Oct 25, we will add a form that will allow you to join and add the action items that citizens can take to get us on track.  Your feedback is welcome. You can email us at

David Madore PAC Chair
1400 NE 136 Ave
Vancouver, WA 98684

Primary contributors include:
David Madore, Donna Madore, Josephine Wentzel, Mark Durrell, Steve Herman, and others shown on the PDC link below. is not sponsored by any candidate or party. is a Political Action Committee committed to openness and truth. has fulfilled all legal PDC requirements to contribute to candidates.
Washington Registered voters that contributed at least $10 prior to contributing cash to any candidate are as follows:

  1. David Madore on 6/30/2010
  2. Josephine Wentzel on 6/30/2010
  3. Mike Wentzel on 6/30/2010
  4. Donna Madore on 6/30/2010
  5. Sharon Long on 6/30/2010
  6. Brian Mitchell on 7/13/2010
  7. Krystal Mitchell on 7/14/2010
  8. Al Ray on 7/14/2010
  9. Chuck Aguon on 8/31/2010
  10. Erlinda Aguon on 8/31/2010

All contributions and expenditures are reported to the Public Disclosure Commission.

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