Tolling All Lanes

Tolling All Lanes

NewsMarch 25, 2024

Bay Area transportation planners are studying a radical idea to reduce traffic congestion and fund driving alternatives: tolling all lanes on a freeway. Even more radical, the plan considers tolling parallel roads. March 21, 2023, Planetizen By Irvin Dawid The Bay Area’s newest express lanes, transportation jargon for a variably-priced toll lane that also permits carpoolers to...

Kotek calls for cancellation of Portland-area freeway toll plan

Kotek said she still wants Oregon and Washington to use tolls for the planned replacement I-5 bridge, but the broader plan to toll I-5 and I-205 should be scrapped. Author: Anthony Macuk (KGW), KGW Staff Published: March 11, 2024 PORTLAND, Ore. — Oregon Gov. Tina Kotek appears to be pulling the plug on a plan to toll...

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