The NYC congestion pricing scam: Letters to the Editor

July 27, 20230

The Issue: New Jersey’s lawsuit against New York to stop the Manhattan congestion-pricing plan.

Re: Nicole Gelinas’ piece “Jilting Jersey” (PostOpinion, July 24), she’s darned right — and New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy is right on the money.

New Jersey has good reason to sue New York over congestion pricing.

According to Gov. Hochul’s press release, congestion pricing will bring “cleaner air, decreased congestion and smart and targeted investments in more equitable and accessible public transportation.” You know who won’t be getting cleaner air, decreased congestion, etc? The residents of The Bronx and Staten Island.

Need proof congestion pricing won’t work in New York City? The one-way cash toll on the Verrazzano is now $17 (EZ Pass peak is $14.75), and the traffic continues to get worse.

I’ll definitely be changing my commute — by heading my car over the Goethals Bridge and leaving New York City for good.

Eric Walters — Staten Island


The plan for congestion pricing in New York City is a pure money-grabbing scheme that will create more problems than it will solve.

The city drastically increased traffic congestion when it issued an untold number of Uber licenses.

Reduce the number of Uber licenses, strictly enforce parking laws and assign traffic agents to actually control traffic, and there will be no need for congestion pricing.

Thomas Urban — Wantagh


Does anyone doubt that the goal of so-called “congestion pricing” is making up for the deficit caused by farebeating?

Let’s face it: The amount of traffic going into the central business district is far less than it was before COVID, and it will probably never reach that level again.

The appropriate solution would be the use of facial recognition software to go after the farebeaters and fine them. This would serve three purposes. First, it would discourage farebeating. Second, it would reduce the deficit. And finally, it would act as a tool to catch those with outstanding warrants.

Bill Isler, Queens


Imagine having to pay for your next-door neighbor’s green fees because he is an avid golfer, while you don’t golf at all.

Congestion pricing, which is a tax disguised as a fee, is directed against a specific group of people (automobile drivers) for the benefit of another distinct group of people (MTA subway and bus riders) as well as that financial black hole that is the MTA.

Moreover, why are subway and bus riders paying only $2.90 per trip? That’s $29.00 per week for five round-trip rides, about $120 per month.

Try telling LIRR, NJ Transit or Metro-North riders their monthly cost is only going to be $120 per month. They would jump for joy. A third-grader would say: “This isn’t fair.”

David DiBello — Bay Ridge


There is a simple solution to resolve Murphy’s lawsuit against the implementation of congestion pricing.

All the MTA has to do is share some of the proceeds. Just like the MTA, both NJ Transit and the Port Authority have similar multiyear capital plans. Gov. Hochul and MTA Chairman Janno Lieber should offer Murphy a fair share of revenues generated by these new fees that Garden State residents will be paying.

Why not share 5% each with NJ Transit, Port Authority and the Port Authority Trans Hudson subway? This will still leave the MTA with 85% of fee revenues. Some of these dollars could go to transportation improvements that are beneficial to New Jersey residents. After all, fair is fair.

Larry Penner — Great Neck


As congestion pricing moves ahead, and with sharp hikes in electricity prices on the horizon, it’s clear the green agenda will continue to hurt the very people Democrats claim to care about the most.

Will those people wake up and put an end this? Probably not. Too many of them run to the polls to re-elect Democrats again and again, thinking they are on their side and Republicans are for the rich. They just can’t help themselves. The more powerful Democrats become, the more they abuse the public.

Gary Mottola — Brooklyn

John Ley

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