SR 520 toll rates will increase this summer, here’s how much:

May 16, 20240

Tolling 520 bridge to raise $1.2 billion

May 15, 2024

BY JULIA DALLAS, MyNorthwest Content Editor

The State Route (SR) 520 toll rate will be going up in August. The Washington State Transportation Commission (WSTC) voted on two options on Wednesday and Option B won.

Option B is tailored increases, averaging 10% overall, rounded to the nearest 5 cents. To see how toll prices will be affected, view the chart below, keeping in mind the new price will be the Option B Rate Proposal, the last option on the chart, and the rates are for two-axe vehicles with a Good To Go pass:520


Image: Officials have voted on Option B to increase SR 520 tolls.

Officials have voted on Option B to increase SR 520 tolls. (Image courtesy of the Washington State Transportation Commission)

Option A was a uniform 10% increase, rounded to the nearest 5 cents.

Officials heard a proposal by the WSTC before the vote that broke down each rate. To view the proposal presentation, go here.

The tolling subcommittee recommended Option B versus Option A because, as stated by the proposal, it meets the SR 520 Bridge financial requirements, had fewer changes than Option A, is preferred by marginalized communities and maintains capacity for tolls to support traffic management.

According to officials, the tolls aren’t generating enough money to meet the financial obligations of the bonding for the floating bridge construction.

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) website stated that tolling on the 520 Bridge helps “manage congestion and is expected to raise $1.2 billion to help pay for the construction, safety and maintenance of the new bridge.”

Along with rate increases, new tolls are being considered for new sections of SR 167 and SR 509, under what’s called the Puget Sound Gateway Program.

WSDOT’s website explained the Puget Sound Gateway Program as the combination of the SR 509 Completion Project in King County and the SR 167 Completion Project in Pierce County.

The new sections of SR 167 and SR 509 have yet to open but the tolls being considered for the SR 167 expansion, connecting Puyallup and Tacoma, are between $1 and $3. Tolls on the new SR 509 section, which will connect Interstate 5 directly to the Seattle Tacoma-International Airport, could run between $1.20 and $2.40.

However, these are just the first estimates for the expansion roads, which aren’t expected to be completed until 2028 or 2029.

To easily pay a toll and pay less for tolls, Washingtonians can set up a Good To Go account.


Contributing: Chris Sullivan, KIRO Newsradio

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