Toll Lanes Critic Accuses MDOT of “Scientific Fraud” in Key Report

July 16, 20220
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This sounds exactly like the failed Columbia River Crossing and now the Interstate Bridge Replacement project. It sounds like what Oregon is cooking up in their plans to TOLL all area freeways. They are cooking up fake data and alleged “benefits” which will only trigger a huge amount of traffic diversion on side roads and into neighborhoods.

From Maryland and near our nation’s capital.

“Anomalies in the FEIS traffic forecasts create serious doubt whether the new traffic forecasts could have been generated by correcting previous errors and suggest possible falsification of model outputs,” Ross wrote.

He said the “the clearest evidence” of “possible scientific fraud” occurs in an analysis of what traffic will be like in 2045 if Montgomery’s two main thoroughfares are not improved.”

Please read the entire article here.

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