Should employers pay tolls of their employees?

February 28, 20231


Oregon Catalyst  Wednesday February 22, 2023

By Taxpayers Association of Oregon

Already the calls are coming in from workers who want their employers to pay for their tolls if Oregon enacts tolling later this year.

Some estimates put the daily commute, both ways, at a total cost of $8.00 to $30.00 depending how far one has to commute.  That is right!  Some workers may have to pay $30 just to go to a job and earn money.

Because ODOT is setting up numerous tolls up and down the interstate, it will be financial hell for some commuters.

Don’t forget!  Those workers will be paying the nation’s 8th highest gas tax as well.

Don’t forget!  Those workers will be paying the nation’s top ten auto fees just for the ability to be in a vehicle.

Don’t forget!  Portland has been in the top 10 nation’s worst traffic jams cities, so you will be losing TIME as well as money.

Don’t forget!  Once you get to work you will be paying some of the highest payroll taxes in the nation.

John Ley

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  • Sue Kalt

    March 16, 2023 at 10:21 am

    Don’t forget we already have money deducted from our paychecks —- the payroll Transit tax!

    Gas tax
    Car registration fees
    Driver’s license
    Payroll transit tax


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