‘Twas the night before Christmas

December 25, 20230

‘Twas the night before Christmas

as told by Vote Before Tolls Committee

’Twas the night before Christmas, and all though the land
ODOT was scheming, with a toll plan so grand;
The Interstates and highways were not to be spared,
nor new bridges of grandeur, lest ODOT’s coffers be bare;
The ’17 legislature met and set up a plan,
all lanes will be tolled – across all the land;
Saying “toll money is free, it’s a new source of bucks,
tax all the new EVs, gas cars, and trucks.”
While talking over coffee, a small group was made,
“this tolling is crazy, the public betrayed.”
Awareness is nice, but we must take action,
lest ODOT & Salem ignore the public’s reaction.
Traffic diversion, no alternate route,
no transit to move us, they just wanted loot.
With one hundred million, they set up a team,
a new government agency, to manage this scheme.
Our friends to the north collect tolls every day,
but try to keep secret the overhead they pay.
Up to 60% lost, for every dollar collected,
turning dollars to dimes is not what we expected.
We all want good roads, and know they’re not free,
We’re willing to pay, but first we must agree;
We’re not to be talked at, partnership we desire,
We’ll do better together, when we work like a choir.
To be cost efficient, focused and fair,
ODOT must partner with the public and share;
When both sides listen with transparency,
the outcome’s much better, and a team we shall be!
But Salem and ODOT, their trust they’ve not earned,
so a vote’s our security so we don’t get burned.
With a seat at the table to improve the decisions,
We’ll achieve so much than today we can vision!
The coffee team organized and IP-4 they wrote,
A new ballot measure that required a vote!
Vote Before Tolls, retroactive it will be,
to start collecting tolls, we all must agree!
They’re out gathering signatures to get on the ballot,
First dozens then thousands, ODOT’s feeling our mallet.
There is nothing that stops, initiative IP-4;
Simply gather enough signatures, that opens the door.
The politicians won’t save us, they just want the press,
seizing the chaos, to benefit from the mess;
The counties and cities, they also agree,
This tolling’s all messed up, and should not be.
The governor went crazy, thinking this issue’s too hot,
tell them we’ll defer tolls, and hope the public will have forgot;
But the public knows better, it’s just a big ploy,
Moving tolls past the ’24 election, so she stays employed.
Vote Before Toll Committee needs help from you all,
every effort will help us, whether it’s grand or small,
Every signature matters, every nose indeed counts.
We’ve got 6 months to gather the proper amount.
Every MOTHER!, every FATHER!, every voting TEEN that is able,
your NEIGHBOR!, your CO-WORKERS!, and those at YOUR TABLE!,
Print the petition, and share it with them
Put it on the table, along with a pen.
And just one more thing, there’s something else too,
we’ve got to keep active, we’ve winter to get through.
While cold keeps us inside, we’re doing our best,
with targeting mailings with USPS.
The stamps they’re not free, so your dollar adds,
to our small and focused budget, to reach voter’s pads.
Political tax credit lets you contribute for “free”,
100% comes back when you file taxes for ’23.
Thank you for reading this tongue and cheek lore,
the petition you can download, and you can learn more,
when you take just a moment to visit our site:
VoteBeforeTolls.org … and to all a good night!

Tolls are coming and IP-4 is the ONLY way to have the public’s voice heard, ensure transparency, and guarantee a seat at the table.

We need 200,000 signatures … Please print the petition and have all of your Christmas & New Years guests sign!

We could gather over 10,000 signatures today if all of you printed five or ten copies of the petition and asked your guests to sign. It only takes 30 seconds and is a great conversation starter!

Download the petition here.

Learn more about IP-4 here.
I’m Dean Suhr from West Linn – the author and co-petitioner for IP-4. THANKS for your support! With your help, our signature gathering is going well – but we need tens of thousands more to get on the ballot. Keep at it!

John Ley

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