History of tolling in the Portland metro area & how to stop what’s coming

February 20, 20240

The current threat tolling brings to freedom of movement in Oregon

Kevin Hoar, Dean Suhr and John Ley engage in a 73 minute discussion about tolling in Oregon. You’ll hear about how the Columbia River Crossing (CRC) brought the possibility of tolling to the Portland metro area. When the CRC “failed”, politicians worked behind the scenes to keep the new source of money for the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) alive.

HB 2017 was passed by the Oregon legislature in 2017, only mandating ODOT “study” tolling. Four years later, HB 3055 authorized ODOT to actually implement tolls on Oregon highways.

Public outrage over traffic diversion and the huge financial impact this will have on family budgets caused Governor Tina Kotek to issue an Executive Order to “pause” toll collection until January 2026. Yet ODOT continues spending money towards the imposition of two separate tolls on Oregon highways.

Dean Suhr leads the effort to give citizens a Vote Before Tolls can be placed on any Oregon highway. IP-4 will guarantee people living near a proposed toll road the opportunity to vote before the tolls can be collected. They’re collecting signatures to put IP-4 on the November 2024 ballot.

Take a listen to the discussion.


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