How fair are fares?

April 27, 20230

Letter: How fair are fares?

By Mike Terry, Brush Prairie
Published: April 27, 2023

The Columbian believes tolling on the Interstate 5 Bridge is “fiscally responsible, sensible and equitable” because users should pay their fair share. “Just as those who purchase gas pay more for road maintenance through gas taxes, residents who use the bridge should pay a little more for its construction.”

Substitute “fares” for tolls and “light rail” nearly every place they use “Interstate Bridge Replacement.” Are they consistent in their argument about users paying? “Fares would place more of the burden for light rail upon those who use it most — a user fee that meshes with conservative ideology.”

“Fair,” of course, can be a nebulous term.

“Should somebody who lives in Vancouver and works in Portland pay more for light rail than somebody who lives in Amboy or Battle Ground, and never uses the MAX light rail? Fairness dictates that they should.”

Estimates are that the 3-mile light-rail portion will cost between $1.3 billion and $2 billion, with 11,000 daily transit riders. Would The Columbian dictate fairness means MAX riders pay over $180,000 per rider over 30 years? C-Tran buses are more cost effective and fair.

John Ley

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